The most important functions of KMSAuto | [Download 2022]


Everyone knows that many Microsoft products have a free license. To be able to use the software fully, users must obtain activation keys for it. The test versions of software have limited functionality. That is why we have to look for alternative solutions. KMSAuto activator solves this problem and allows you to use MS products absolutely free of charge.

Let’s take a closer look at the installation and activation of MS Windows and Office using KMSAuto

What is KMSAuto?

The Kms Automatic Activator is a program that allows you to activate Wind’s and Office.
This is a completely free tool from Ratiborus.

MS Windows and Office Activator KMS

Activator Mirosoft

Download KMSAuto

In this section, I will show you how to download and activate Wind’s. If you are an experienced user, u can skip this section.

KMS installation instructions

  • Download the KMS Auto Net
  • Download the activator here.
  • When u downloaded KMSAuto, u must turn off Windows Defender because Microsoft may prevent the activator from working.

Learn more about disabling Windows Defender

When u disabled the WD or antivirus.
Open the archive and unzip the files to a place convenient for u and Run Activator Windows and Office KMSAuto.

How to properly use KMSAuto?

Run the KMSAuto Net activator as administrator.

How run the program with administrator rights?

After launching, u will see two activation options

  1. Windows

2. Microsoft Office

How activate MS Wind’s? Select “Windows”, after successful activation, reboot your pc.


As u can see, there is nothing complicated about it. Activating Microsoft Office is just as easy as activating Windows.

Functionality of KMSAuto Activator

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What should I do if I find any errors during installation?

Turn Off Windows Defender. in most cases, this causes problems.

Does KMSAuto activate all versions of Windows?

Yes, including server versions of Windows.

Does KMSAuto activator contain viruses?

No, but many antivirus programs may consider it as a potential threat because of its capabilities.

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office