The most important functions of KMSAuto

Everyone knows that many Microsoft products have a paid license. To be able to fully use the software, users must obtain activation keys for it. Test versions of the software have limited functionality. That’s why many users are looking for alternative solutions. The KMSAuto activator solves this problem. And allows you to use MS products absolutely for free for an unlimited time. Let’s take a closer look at the additional features of the KMSAuto program.

KMSAuto Program Functions

What is KMSAuto?

Automatic Kms Activator is a program that allows you to activate Windows and Office. This is a completely free tool from the Ratiborus programmer. At the moment, the KMSAuto activator is the most popular among such programs as it is actively supported by the developer. For example, the KMSpico program stopped updating 4 years ago.

The main functions of the activator

The main function of the activator is the automatic activation of Microsoft products. To do this, the user must click just a couple of buttons in the program. But there are situations when the user is forced to use additional functions of the program. To do this, we will describe these fugctions to you.

Additional functions of the KMSAuto activator

Atomic Activation is a simple procedure, but sometimes errors occur and you have to turn off the autopilot and slightly change the settings of the KMSAuto program. In order to see the settings and additional features of the KMSAuto program, you need to follow these steps:

To do this, we have prepared a table with a description of the activator modes. In total, the activator has five modes.

Settings KmsAuto full
Automatic mode, the program itself determines the optimal activation algorithm.


The activator program performs activation using a special driver installed in the Windows operating system.


All activation operations are performed in the operating system’s RAM. Thus, no operating system files are changed or edited.


Activation mode with manual settings, this mode is suitable for experienced users and requires certain knowledge.
In this mode, the activator embeds a virtual TAP-type module into the operating system. Next, activation takes place using this module.
The most important functions of KMSAuto

In fact, you don’t need to know much about these modes. Their use most often consists in the fact that you simply check the box against the mode. And reactivate until you succeed.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them

Turn off Windows Defender. in most cases, this causes problems.
Yes, including server versions of Windows.
No, but many antivirus programs may consider it as a potential threat because of its capabilities.
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Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office