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Cheat Engine is a free and open source program that works as a memory scanner, debugger and HEX editor. The program can be used by users who want to simplify or complicate the passage of computer games.

Cheat Engine allows users to search for various parameters using a wide range of tools for scanning computer processes. Users can make changes to game processes to get benefits such as God mode, endless ammo, money, etc. The program also uses Direct3D tools that allow you to look through walls and create targeted bots.
The main features of Cheat Engine:

— Memory scanner, debugger and open source Hex editor.
— A wide range of parameters for scanning game processes.
— Making changes to processes using code injection.
— The ability to get benefits such as God mode, endless ammo and money.
— Direct3D tools for viewing through walls and creating targeted bots.
— The ability to create trainers that work separately from the main program.
— A complete guide for new users.

During the installation of Cheat Engine, it is suggested to download and install Hamster Free ZIP Archiver and SpeedUpMyPC 2014. Uncheck the appropriate boxes if you do not want to install these programs.

Some antiviruses may suspect a malicious program in Cheat Engine. You can use it quite calmly. This is a false alarm.
Changes in the latest version

AA templates now generate 14-byte jmp scripts when holding Ctrl.
The Found code: Replace dialog box is now switching between nop and original. Also prevents duplication
improved keyboard control for hex view in memory view. Now you can hold Shift when using cursors to move
last state is no longer saved in tables (if Ctrl is not pressed)
added space for dbvm functions to make it less likely to click them
now you can manually delete the saved results
The debugger attach timeout window will now display the status of some debugger interfaces.
Modules for 64-bit for 32-bit purposes are more clearly designated as such
mono will not try to reconnect after disabling
fixed Copy Memory 2 mode

Developer: Dark Byte
Updated: 2022-01-20
Windows Version: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office
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