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DriverHub is a driver manager that allows you to find, install, update and roll them absolutely free of charge and without any risk to the operating system. The program interacts with official databases and websites of manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, AMD, DELL, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Nvidia, LG and Brother and allows you to manage the initial Windows OS setup process from a single application.

Installation and updating of drivers can be carried out both in simple mode and in expert mode. At the same time, the latter allows you to specify the need to install a particular component, as well as choose an alternative system software instead of the one proposed by the program.

The program stores the history of driver downloads, which can be useful for system administrators and technical support specialists of users. Moreover, if something went wrong during the installation process, the system can be restored from the last backup.

The manager’s interface is designed in a corporate style using dark colors. The few controls are easily accessible and are large icons with text captions. The program menu allows you to switch between driver search, download history, backups, as well as builtin OS services, placed in a separate item (“Useful programs“).

Advantages of DriverHub

  • Free distribution of the program
  • Security related to downloading drivers exclusively from trusted sources.
  • Proprietary graphical user interface.

Disadvantages of DriverHub

  • The inability to download popular applications.

Installing DriverHub

The program is installed using an online installer, which can be downloaded on the product download page, the link to which is located below. When the download is complete, run the installation file and wait for all components to be prepared. Select the installation language. In the welcome window of the wizard, clickNext“. Next, accept the terms of the license agreement by clicking on theI agreebutton. At the next stage, uncheck the Yandex components (optional) – the DriverHub program will work successfully without them. ClickNext“. If necessary, install the Avast tools (also optional) by setting the marker in the corresponding checkbox, and then clickNextagain. Next, specify the path of the future location of the program to the installer by clickingBrowse“, or leave everything unchanged and go directly to the DriverHub installation (theInstallbutton). At the end of the process, clickFinish“.

To change the language of the program interface, click on the icon with the image of a gear and the signatureSettingslocated in the upper right corner of the main window. In the settings area that opens, select the desired value for theLanguageparameter, then restart the manager with the new localization settings (“Restart now“).

Changes in the latest version

  • Lots of updates, changes and fixes.
Developer: DriverHub
Windows Version: 7, 8, 10

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