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Dropbox is a free program that allows you to store your data on remote servers, as well as give other users access to them. Dropbox can be used to store and exchange data, synchronize data, as a hosting service for mini-sites, and will be useful as an assistant to an IT developer and an ordinary user.

Dropbox works on the principle of data synchronization – during installation a folder “My Dropbox” is created on the computer, which is synchronized with the online storage. Any change to any of the contents of the local folder will cause changes on the Dropbox server as well. The online storage can be accessed from any computer, which makes this program very convenient for sharing files and backing up important data.
The main features of Dropbox:

– Synchronization takes place without user input. Multiple computers can be connected.
– Support for any type of files.
– Automatic data update when updating on the local computer.
– When you change a part of the file, only the changed fragment is transmitted, which significantly reduces traffic and speeds up the synchronization process.
– History of changes of files, which is available for the last 30 days.
– High level of service security. Achieved by transmitting data over an encrypted channel (SSL) and storing data “in the cloud” in encrypted form (AES-256).
– Possibility to upload files for public access via “Public” folder.
– Possibility to create “shared” folders for shared access of persons with different accounts on the service.
– The upload and upload speed can be limited or you can let Dropbox do it.

Changes in the latest version

Dropbox Backup can now back up files and folders that are also backed up by third-party providers.
The sync issues page will now update automatically.
Fixed an issue with using the “Send to Signature” context menu item in Windows 11 explorer.
Fixed a glitch occurring when disabling the Dropbox icon in Office.

Dropbox Download

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office
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