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Free YouTube Download is a convenient free program for easy and fast downloading of videos from Youtube video hosting.‭ ‬With its help, the user can download videos from YouTube and save it in the desired format with just a click of a button.

Free YouTube Download has many tools that make it easier to download videos from Youtube, and also provides some additional features. It supports working with HD (High Definition) and HQ (Higher Quality) videos, there is a batch mode, as well as the operation of the program through a proxy.

Main Features of Free YouTube Download:

— Easy download of files from Youtube.
— Ability to convert videos to AVI, MP4, FLV, WebM formats.
— Convert audio to mp3 file.
— Two conversion modes — original and compressed quality.
— Allows you to download entire collections of videos.
— Tab with the most popular Youtube channels.
— Automatic download function, which allows the program to automatically download all the videos viewed by the user.
— Automatic shutdown of the computer after the download is completed.
— Download history.
— Multi-stream video download.
— Automatic import of videos to iTunes.
— Download videos with limited access using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


When installing Free YouTube Download, it will prompt you to install additional programs. Be careful and give it up if you don’t need it.

Changes in the latest version

Version may contain minor updates, improvements, bug fixes.

Improving efficiency.

Версия Windows:XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11


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