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Hide Me is a commercial VPN client for the desktop with the possibility of free use and upgrade to the Plus and Premium versions. The program is based on the creation of secure connections between the client (user) and an intermediary intermediary server (VPN service provider) using tunnel protocols. In case of successful connection, all further data transmission and communication with the Internet is carried out as if on behalf of the aforementioned server via an established channel in encrypted form. The client itself provides the user with a user-friendly interface for automating and managing the specified process.

Thus, Hide Me allows you to hide the user’s real IP address, and, accordingly, his location, as a result of which access to geo-restricted content is opened. It also complicates the work of various Internet trackers and advertising bots based on the analysis of network traffic and search queries.

The program’s interface resembles other similar VPN clients and looks like a mobile application. Hide Me is launched with a single mouse click and does not require the user to have any technical knowledge and skills. From the controls, the user can access the settings menu, as well as a list of VPN servers available based on the current subscription.
Advantages of Hide Me

The product is free of charge.
The possibility of an upgrade.
Availability of round-the-clock user support.
Support for modern operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family.
Support for AES-256 encryption algorithm.
A simple and intuitive interface based on the One-Click principle.
Quick installation.
Automatic server selection.
Automatic reconnection of the client in case of connection failure.
Availability of the Kill-Switch option.
No need for user registration.

Disadvantages of Hide Me

A relatively small set of features and available servers.
The inability to change the installation settings.
The lack of Russian and Ukrainian localization of the program.
The presence of restrictions on the volume of traffic in the free version of the product.


Despite the absence of any technological features, the Hide Me VPN client offers the user several convenient functions designed to simplify and automate the work process. Thus, all control is reduced to just a few clicks on the mouse button.
Hide Me Installation

The client installation is very simple and goes almost unnoticed. To get started, download the installer file on the product download page. To go to it, left-click on the Download button located below. Run the file Hide.me-Setup.exe . If the Windows User Account Control (UAC) window appears, confirm your actions by clicking Yes. In the welcome window, click Install to start the installation process. When finished, close the installer. Launch the Hide Me client from the Start menu or using the application shortcut located on the desktop. To connect to a remote VPN server, click the central Connect button.
Changes in the latest version

Explicitly using TLS 1.2 in Windows 7
is set to preferred IPv4 by default to install a VPN tunnel
WireGuard fix and separate tunnel under Windows 10

Hide Me VPN Download

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office
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