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iCloud Download

iCloud is a cloud service for backup, storage and synchronization of data between devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Mac. The program is primarily aimed at users of Apple products.

Thanks to iCloud, you will get access to photos, videos, mail, other files and programs located on your Apple devices using your personal computer. This is a secure way of storing information, which allows not only viewing files on various devices, but also editing them. Any changes automatically occur on the entire attached equipment. It is also important that you can go back to the previous version of the file at any moment.

In general, iCloud includes: mail, contacts, calendar, lost device search function, iWork, photos, notes and reminders. The Windows program also allows you to synchronize Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer bookmarks on different devices.

The iCloud email account can be used in any program with support for the standard IMAP protocol or using the mail web client on iCloud.com .

If you have forgotten, left or lost your iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or AirPods somewhere, the program will help you determine their location on the map, will allow you to play a loud signal on the device, delete all files at a distance so that they do not fall into the wrong hands (after returning the device, you can restore everything from a backup), and provides other additional features.

By connecting the iCloud media library, the user can be sure that every image from his gallery will get there in its original quality. The library saves memory on devices, because thanks to the new compression technologies of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, the program saves twice as many photos. The original images are stored on the cloud, and a smaller copy of them is stored on devices.

The iCloud Photo Sharing feature gives users the ability to choose who to share their own images with. The photos you take get into the library the first time you connect to the network.

Family access allows you to share purchases with iTunes and the App Store, use an Apple Music subscription and iCloud storage capacity for a group of up to 6 people. All members of the group will have access to a shared photo album, calendar, and search for their devices. Also, everyone will see on the map where other family members are at any given moment.

One of the important advantages of this storage is privacy and security. The developers have taken care of protecting everything stored in iCloud with encryption not only during transmission, but also when stored on the server. When using third-party services, encryption keys are never disclosed. Additional security measures include two–factor authentication.
Advantages of iCloud

reliable data storage and convenient exchange;
preserving the original quality of files;
You can undo all changes in iCloud and revert to previous versions of the file at any time;
5 GB of free memory;
the ability to find the device if you forgot where you left it;
creating a family access group;
backup data when connected to the network.

Disadvantages of iCloud

the amount of memory exceeding 5 GB is paid;
the program is not available in all countries;
iCloud features may vary depending on the region;
access to some services and functions is limited to 10 devices per account, only 5 of which can be PCs;
You can use the iPhone search function only when the devices are turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or have an active data plan.

Installing iCloud for Windows

Thanks to the link on our website, you can download the file to install iCloud. To install the program, you only need to run the downloaded file, agree to comply with the license conditions and click “Install”. In a few minutes you will be able to use iCloud.

Developer: Apple Inc
Updated: 2022-05-13
Windows Version: 7, 8, 10

Download iCloud

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