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Both Microsoft Office software and Windows operating systems can be activated with KMSpico. It gives you the option of not having to buy a license to use Microsoft programs.
In order to activate and manage license for products in a corporate context, this thing uses the KMS (Key Management Service) technology established by Microsoft.
This article defines KMS in detail, explains how it works, and provides insightful and practical information about KMSPico – one of the best tools for bypassing security measures.

KmsPico activator

Why is activation necessary?

Let’s define some terms first. We will start from the beginning. Copying licensed operating systems through an authentication process is a system procedure known as activation. Users may require it for the following reasons, to name but a few
It certifies the absolute legality of the software and confirms that it is being used legitimately.
It enables system customization, but only for Windows 10 and 11
Before we dive into the review of KMSPico, it’s important to understand the Key Management Service (KMS) system. Windows is the operating system used by the majority of computers in the world, with around 70-80% of them unlicensed due to the high cost of the original operating system. While you can download Windows from the official website, you can also activate it without paying by using activators.

But how does it work?

Essentially, an activator tricks the operating system into thinking it has a licence. Windows periodically checks for validity by contacting Microsoft’s servers. KMS makes it look like this check is happening, but in reality, nothing is being checked or contacted.

Want to know more about the Key Management Service system?

This thing uses a client-server architecture where the ‘client’ is the user’s computer and it communicates with the server, known as the ‘KMS host’, via DNS to check the permissions. The server has information about the correctness of the keys stored in the “Volume Licence Agreement”. It communicates with a Hosted Activation Service to ensure that everything is in order. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace this server, and it is extremely difficult to intercept the connection. However, developers have created a utility that simply creates its own server, pretending to be a Microsoft one, to get around this problem. The system checks where it should be sent before making a request, and the activator creates the server with the required parameters on the client computer.
It’s worth noting that KMS may not work in some cases, as the system may end up on real servers created by Microsoft, and the enabler may not notice this. In such cases, you may have to perform the activation several times, but sooner or later the program will work and the system can be considered as activated.


Here are just some of the advantages of KMSPico that have made this utility one of the best in its niche.
This activator supports all the popular Microsoft products.
To be more precise, here is the list of them:

  • Windows Vista, 8.1, 10, 11
  • MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 365, 2016, 2019, 2021

Maximum simplicity

All the user has to do is launch the application and press a button – the app will work on its own without any intervention.

Complete activation in one click

An undeniable advantage of KMSPico is that it activates not just one product, but the entire office package.

Permanent accessibility

KMSPico will activate the licence permanently. Of course, you may need to activate it again after 180 days. If this happens, you can use the Activator again in exactly the same way: by running it and pressing the big red button. The licence verification process is initiated by the system itself and there is nothing you can do about it, but once activated, the licence is yours forever.

Strong reliability

The programme is equally reliable on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. No matter how advanced your device is, the utility will handle it perfectly.

Scheduler function

KMSPico has a scheduler feature. All you have to do is set up automatic licence updates and forget about problems forever. Once every number of days, the activator will check and update the keys for the Office products and the operating system.


Despite the fact that the activator analysed is one of the best, like any other programme it has certain drawbacks. The main drawback lies in the fact that in order for this utility to work properly and correctly, you need to disable the virus and the basic protection of the entire operating system. This can be difficult to do, especially if you are not an experienced and confident computer user. But the good news is that we have prepared a detailed guide on how to do this – you can find it at the end of this article.

How to download?

We have organized a small manual for you on a way to download this app

  • First of all, you need to go to the legit internet site of this utility – You can also use any other source to download it, however then there’s a chance of receiving a malware. When you are at the right website, find the download button and click on it.

You may be redirected to another webpage

  • There you’ll see something like “Download Now“. The name may additionally vary, however in all instances it will likely be greater or much less the same.
    • Click on this button and wait a few seconds.

You will be requested wherein you need to store the related files. Choose the desired place and proceed.
The procedure will take a couple of minutes. Of course, it relies upon a lot on your internet velocity, but KMSPico size is a couple of dozen megabytes, which isn’t always a whole lot even on a gradual connection.

You’ll get a zip file. Unzip it and you’ll be requested for a password. The password is “2222“.
This is it, you’ve successfully downloaded the application in your computer. Now allow’s speak approximately a way to installation and spark off the OS with this software.


Right here are the instructions for putting in this activator.

  • First you have to disable your firewall and antivirus. Since it can prevent activation and disrupt the operation of the application.
  1. Browse to “Safety” and open “Virus & Threat Safety”.
  2. Click ‘Virus & Threat Safety Settings’.
  3. Disable Real-Time Safety.
  4. While the download is done, unzip the archive using the password we gave you above.
  5. Locate the document “KMSPico.exe” and double-click to open it.

After launching, you will have a new console window

  • In the console, enter the number 1 and the program will find and activate all Microsoft products by itself.

If you need to activate Windows or Office separately, then use the configurator.

kmspico windows 11

After the activation is completed, you will see a message that “Press any key to continue…”
This means that the Activation has been completed

kmspico windows 10


What is with the UI?

We have had a look at the download and installation of this programme. Now let’s talk about more pressing matters. That is, what KmsPico consists of.
The developers of KMSpico have tried to make the interface as simple as possible so that you can interact with it easily.
Now I will tell you more about each function.

Activation Modes

Auto Renewal

Recommended mode, where you only need to install the activation emulator once. Afterward, the system itself handles and renew activation per schedule.

To run this mode:
•from the menu, press 2 to Install Activation Auto-Renewal

If you later installed Volume Office product(s), it will be auto activated in this mode.

Additionally, If you want to convert and activate Office C2R, renew the activation, or activate new products:
•from the menu, press 1 to Activate [Auto Renewal Mode]

On Windows 8 and later, the script duplicate inbox system scheduled task SvcRestartTaskLogon to Svc Trigger
this is just a precaution step to insure that the auto renewal period is evaluated and respected, it’s not directly related to activation itself, and you can manually remove it.

To remove this mode:
•from the menu, press 3 to Uninstall Completely


No remnants mode, where the activation is executed, and then any KMSemulator traces will be cleared from the system.

To run this mode:
•make sure that auto renewal mode is not installed, or remove it
•from the menu, press 1 to Activate [Manual Mode]

You will have to run the script again to activate newly installed products (e.g. Office) or if Windows edition is switched.

You will have to run the script again to activate before the KMS activation period expires.

You can run and activate anytime during that period to renew the period to the max interval.

If the script is accidentally terminated before it completes the process, run the script again, then:
•from the menu, press 3 to Uninstall Completely


Standalone mode, where you activate against trusted external KMS server, without using the local KMS emulator.

The external server can be a web address, or a network IP address (local LAN or VM).

To run this mode:

  • from the menu, press letter E to Activate [External Mode]
  • input or paste the server address, then press Enter

If you later installed Volume Office product(s), it will be auto activated if the external server is still connected.

The used server address will be left registered in the system to allow activated products to auto renew against it,
if the server is no longer available, you will need to run the mode again with a new available server.

If you want to clear the server registration and traces:

  • from the menu, press 3 to Uninstall Completely (this will also clear KMS cache)

Configuration Options

Enable Debug Mode

Debug Mode is turned OFF by default.

This option only works with activation functions (menu options [1], [2], [3], [E]).

If you need to enable this function for troubleshooting or to detect any activation errors:

  • from the menu, press 4 to change the state to Enable Debug Mode [Yes]
  • then, run the desired activation option.


Process Windows / Process Office

The script is set by default to process and try to activate both Windows and Office.

However, if you want to turn OFF processing Windows or Office, for whatever reason:

  • you afraid it may override permanent activation
  • you want to speed up the operation (you have Windows or Office already permanently activated)
  • you want to activate Windows or Office later on your terms

To do that:

  • from the menu, press 5 to change the state to Process Windows [No]
  • from the menu, press 6 to change the state to Process Office [No]

this turn OFF is not very effective if Windows or Office installation is already Volume (GVLK installed),
because the system itself may try to reach and KMS activate the products, especially on Windows 8 and later.


Convert Office C2R-R2V

The script is set by default to auto convert detected Office C2R Retail to Volume (except activated Retail products).

However, if you prefer to turn OFF this function:

  • from the menu, press 7 to change the state to Convert Office C2R-R2V [No]


Override Office C2R vNext

The script is set by default to override Office C2R vNext license (subscription or lifetime) or its residue.

However, if you prefer to turn OFF this function:

  • from the menu, press letter V to change the state to Override Office C2R vNext [No]

If Office vNext license is detected, the option and state will be highlighted, to draw the user attention


Skip Windows 10/11 KMS 2038

The script is set by default to check and skip Windows activation if KMS 2038 is detected.

However, if you want to revert to normal KMS activation:

  • from the menu, press letter X to change the state to Skip Windows KMS38 [No]

On Windows 10/11, if SkipKMS38 is ON (default), Windows will always get checked and processed, even if Process Windows is No

Miscellaneous Options

Check Activation Status

You can use those options to check the status of Windows and Office products.

Check Activation Status [vbs]:

  • query and execute official licensing VBScripts: slmgr.vbs for Windows, ospp.vbs for Office
  • shows the activation expiration date for Windows
  • Office 2010 ospp.vbs shows a very little info

Check Activation Status [wmi]:

  • query and execute WMI functions using wmic.exe, or vbscripting
  • shows extra more info (SKU ID, key channel)
  • shows the activation expiration date for all products
  • shows more detailed info for Office 2010
  • can show the status of Office UWP apps
  • implement vNextDiag.ps1 functions to detect new Office 365 vNext licenses and subscriptions

Create $OEM$ Folder

Create needed folder structure and scripts to use during Windows installation to preactivates the system.

Afterwards, copy $oem$ folder to sources folder in the installation media (ISO/USB).

If you already use another setupcomplete.cmd, copy this command line and paste it properly in your setupcomplete.cmd
call %~dp0KMS_VL_ALL_AIO.cmd /s /a


  • Created setupcomplete.cmd is set by default to run KMSPICO_NEW_2023.cmd in Auto Renewal mode.
  • You can change the command line switches to other modes, and add any configuration switches too.
  • Later, if you want to uninstall the project, use the menu option [3] Uninstall Completely
  • On Windows 8 and later, running setupcomplete.cmd is disabled if the default installed key for the edition is OEM Channel.

Read Me:

Extract and start this ReadMeKMS.html

How do I uninstall it from my computer?

In some cases, you may want to remove KMSPico from your device after you have completed the activation process. Here’s how to do it:

  • Due to the ease of use, it will be enough for you to simply delete the executable file or downloaded archive pico. The application has only a portable version.
  • Once you’ve uninstalled the program, you can clean up your search history and browser cache.

How do I remove traces of using this software?

In some cases, you may also need to remove traces of activation. Speaking of these cases, there can be many of them. For example, sometimes you need to completely remove all traces of use if re-activation does not work, or you have decided to switch to licensed use of Windows.
If you decide to use a newer version of KMSPico (and it is updated regularly – the developers still support its development today), you may have compatibility problems. Even if you uninstall the previous version, traces of it may remain in your system (services, registry entries, etc.). To remove all traces, run the program and select the number 3. Wait for the process to complete.

kmspico download

The app doesn’t launch or install. What to do?

Due to an antivirus program that unexpectedly prevents the download or launch of the file, there may be issues with the installation or download. By temporarily turning off antivirus software or including the activator in the list of exceptions, this issue can be resolved.
But Defender, not just antivirus, may also be the issue. Above, we explained how to turn it off. However, occasionally the issue remains unresolved, and the system continues to block KMSPico. You must completely disable Defender in this situation.
If, however, you can’t solve the problem in any way and for some reason activation is not performed, you can always use an alternative version of the KMSAuto activator.

Is KMSPico a virus or not?

KMSPico itself is not a virus, but it can be challenging to find a clean version of it. The problem arises when scammers modify the activator code and add a malware to it, taking advantage of the fact that KMS activators are downloaded frequently and in large quantities. These modified versions can cause harm to your computer once installed.
To make matters worse, using KMSPico requires disabling your antivirus and Windows Defender. The reason behind this is that most antivirus software recognizes Hacktool:Win32/AutoKMS (which is related to KMSPico) as a cracking tool and flags it as a potential threat. The software does this to prevent users from obtaining a free version of an operating system or office suite illegally. However, this warning can be safely ignored in the case of a genuine KMSPico installation.
But what if you experience strange issues after installing the app? For example:
• Suspicious tabs opening on their own
• Abnormal start pages in your browser
• Encountering unknown files or folders with random names composed of numbers, letters, and symbols.
These symptoms may indicate that the KMSPico you downloaded was bundled with a virus program. In such a situation, it’s crucial to clean your system thoroughly and avoid downloading any activators from the same source in the future.
It’s worth mentioning that a virus program can range from a harmless script to a destructive Trojan designed to steal your data and cause significant damage to your PC. Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure you download software from trusted sources to minimize the risk of encountering malicious software.
Ok, I used this program, but after a while I changed my hard drive and other components and my operating system is no longer there. What should I do?
This is a common problem. It is faced by a very large number of users, truly. The thing is that when you change your hard drive, you are completely changing the soul of your computer, since all the system data was stored on it (depending on where you installed it, but if such a problem occurred after replacing the hard disk, Windows was on it).
What do you do in this case? It’s simple. You have to use the enabler again and follow the same steps as the first time.
If you don’t want to search for the right website and download the enabler every time you replace this or that component, try buying an SSD and installing the system on it. The thing is, SSDs are way more durable than traditional HDDs, so you don’t have to change them often
It’s also worth noting that all the adjustments made by KMS can be undone, even if you replace seemingly unrelated components. CPU or RAM, for example. This is a perfectly normal situation, although it happens very rarely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have done all the steps described in the article correctly to activate your OC, but you still see a watermark saying “Your Windows is not genuine”, try rebooting your computer. Then follow all the steps above again, and when they are complete, restart your computer. The annoying message should then disappear.
KMSPico utilizes key management technology, which requires the computer to acquire a new license every 180 days. However, this software provides an option for automatic license renewal, which can be activated at any time with a few simple buttons presses instead of going through the entire process again. If you have an internet connection, the utility will automatically renew your license.
Yes, an internet connection is necessary to install the KMS server. While offline activation is possible, there is a drawback as the license will expire after a few months. To ensure permanent activation, a connection to the internet is required to activate any product using KMSPico.
During the installation process, the program activates all features for a limited time. Afterwards, it undergoes an automatic reactivation. This software creates a task in the scheduler to preserve this feature. Once the scheduled time for reactivation arrives, you won’t be able to decline the process, as it will start automatically using the scheduler files.
To maintain security, the archive downloaded from the official website is password-protected. The password for the archive is “2222”.
The most recent version that offers optimal stability, security, and performance is KMSPico 2023.
Although several websites allow you to download the utility, none of them are official. The only authorized website where you can obtain 100% virus-free tools to access the full functions of Windows and Office is
Absolutely! It is compatible with operating systems ranging from Windows Vista to Windows 11. However, it’s important to note that this app cannot unlock the functionality of Windows XP or earlier versions due to significant differences in the kernel, drivers, subsystems, and other components. The activation process for the supported versions is identical to that of Windows 10, with the exception of Windows 7. Unfortunately, the application does not support Windows 7 due to its distinct structure and activation mechanism, despite being released after Windows Vista.
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