PicPick free program for screenshots


PicPick is a free multifunctional program for capturing and processing screenshots. With its help, you can create screenshots of the screen, edit these screenshots, as well as perform a number of other useful operations with images that are displayed on the monitor.

After launching, PicPick, like most similar programs, hides in the system tray and is accessible from there in the form of a menu from which the necessary command is selected. The built-in PicPick graphics editor contains many tools. In addition to the usual tools for such programs, there are effects such as blur, sharpness, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc.
Main features of PicPick:

— Creating a screenshot of the entire screen (with support for two monitors).
— Screenshot of one (active) window.
— Screenshot of the active area (with automatic scrolling).
— Creating screenshots of the selected region (with or without the specified dimensions).
— Free selection of the screenshot area.
— The ability to repeat the last screenshot.
— The color under the cursor. The ability to get a color code from any point on the screen.
— Palette. Color selection is carried out by “mixing” the three main ones.
— Ruler. Measurement of dimensions on the screen.
— Protractor. A tool for measuring angles.
— Cross section. Another sizing tool.
— Pencil. The ability to mark something on the screen before taking a screenshot.
Changes in the latest version

Added the ability to display a gallery of shapes on the ribbon by default.
Improved icons on the quick access toolbar.
Fixed a bug that caused the selection tool to not scroll when dragging a large area.
Fixed a problem with closing the screen recorder during recording.
Other minor bug fixes. Download

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office