Radmin VPN Free for PC

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Radmin VPN is a free program without any restrictions designed to create virtual private networks. With Radmin VPN, the user has the opportunity not only to connect to existing (known to the user) secure networks, but also to organize their own VPN networks, remotely connect to other machines and provide secure access to their own resources to third parties.

The program uses an active Internet connection of the computer to work. The connection to the networks created with Radmin is carried out through special channels – VPN tunnels, which provide an opportunity for network subscribers to interact. At the same time, for the user, everything looks as if the VPN participants are connected to each other via a switch.

In addition to the basic protection provided automatically by VPN protocols, each Radmin private network assumes that participants have a special password required to complete the authorization process. Moreover, since the names of the networks are hidden, without knowledge of the exact names, all attempts by subscribers to connect to their resources are doomed to failure.

Among the advantages of the program, security, stability and simplicity come to the fore. The first is used when combining employees working remotely from different parts of the world and, in some cases, on the go, into a single structure, without regard to possible threats of break-ins and break-ins. In this case, the connection to a private network may be accompanied by the provision of any proprietary services, for example, local mail, file exchanger or backup storage. Talking about VPN stability affects the gaming sphere more, where low latency rates and timely response to constantly changing circumstances are required from players who are in clans and teams.

Radmin VPN is very easy to use and does not contain any unnecessary parameters that may mislead the user. Creation and connection to networks is carried out in just a couple of mouse clicks. The main window is compact, and its appearance resembles other similar VPN services.
Advantages of Radmin VPN

Free distribution of the program.
Support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
User-friendly and intuitive interface.
The ability to quickly create and connect to well-known VPN networks.
Data protection using VPN protocols.
Ability to configure connections via Proxy.

Disadvantages of Radmin VPN

Lack of support for the Ukrainian language.


Radmin VPN is a simple tool for quickly creating virtual private networks, which is suitable for both gamers and outsourcing companies.
Installing Radmin VPN

The installation of the program is very simple and does not take much time. You can download the installer file by clicking on the button of the same name below on this product description page. Next, run the file Radmin_VPN.exe . If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes to allow the program to make the necessary changes to the operating system. Select the language of the installation wizard and click OK. Next, read the terms of the license agreement. To change the installation path of the program, click Advanced Settings. When the setup is complete, click Install. Wait for the installation process to finish and click Finish. The program is launched from the Start menu.

To change the language of the Radmin VPN interface, click System on the toolbar in the program window at the top left. Go to the Language item, then select the desired language value from the provided list. The changes will take effect immediately. Download

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office