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RPCS3 is a free, open–source emulator for the Sony PlayStation 3 game console. At the moment, the program is under development, but already now fully supports almost a thousand PS3 games based on OpenGL and Vulkan technologies. You can find out detailed information about the support of a particular game on the official website of the product.

RPCS3 allows the user to run applications originally designed for the PS3 platform on the computer. Important for gamers will be the fact that all records of completed levels can be transferred to a PC using an ordinary USB drive.

The program has a number of useful tools and allows the user to take screenshots of the screen, record game clips, audio and video streams using a webcam and microphone.

Those who wish to participate in the emulator development project are offered a lot of useful information and examples of C++ code with a link to GitHub.

The program interface is a main window divided into several areas with the ability to zoom in/out. The active game window opens separately and can be displayed on an additional screen with a higher resolution. Access to the control panel elements is duplicated by the large icons below. For a comfortable display of the content, the user is provided with several color schemes of design. After a short acquaintance with the quick start guide, working with the emulator becomes easy, convenient and understandable.

The RPCS3 application allows you to work with ELF/SELF, PKG formats, as well as images of “native” game disks. In addition, the program supports up to seven joysticks such as DualShock 4, XInput and MMJoystick, which will be extremely useful for fans of multiplayer.
Advantages of RPCS3

The free and open nature of the product, its status of active development.
The speed of the emulator.
Customizable user interface.
Support for branded joysticks.
Ability to configure PC performance.
The possibility of multiplayer.

Disadvantages of RPCS3

Some installation complexity.
Lack of support for the game via the Internet.
Lack of support for motion controllers and compatible tracking cameras.


Since RPCS3 is under development, it is difficult to predict and appreciate all its features and advantages. The authors of the project do not hide their intentions and are going to please gamers with the support of more games in the near future.

For the full operation of the application, you need to download and install the current PlayStation 3 firmware (file with the extension.PUP). The link to the PlayStation 3 firmware download page on the official PS3 website is on the download page of this program.
Installing RPCS3

The RPCS3 emulator does not need to be installed. Instead, you need to download and unpack the archive with the application files, if necessary, placing it in a convenient place on your PC. You can download the program from our website page.

To start working with the program, run the file rpcs3.exe . Before you start installing PS3 updates, go to Configuration -> CPU on the toolbar and make sure that the item Automatically load required libraries is checked in the Firmware Settings section. Otherwise, check this item manually. Click Save to accept the changes.

To install the PS3 system software, click File -> Install Firmware on the program toolbar in the upper right part of the emulator window. In the window that appears, specify the location of the PS3UPDAT.PUP file and wait for the firmware installation to complete.

RPCS3 will install the necessary modules automatically. The installation process takes quite a long time. To avoid problems, try not to remove the focus from the main window of the emulator, do not open or close third-party windows and other programs.

The game panel interface language is changed in the settings section. To open the panel, click Configuration at the top of the emulator window. Select System, and then set the desired language for the Console Language parameter. This setting will be applied directly to the game panel, which is displayed in the game window by pressing Win+G.
Changes in the latest version

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RPCS3 Download

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