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WinScan2PDF is a utility that allows you to scan documents directly into PDF format. The program is free, takes almost no space on your hard drive, and supports a variety of localizations.

In its work WinScan2PDF uses any of the available scanning devices. Thus, in contrast to the standard means of the operating system which convert real documents into images, the program saves them as files with PDF resolution. This is more convenient, since it makes it possible to recognize and process papers that have been converted into electronic format with greater success in the future.

WinScan2PDF has only a few parameters in its arsenal, such as scan quality or clarity, as well as the page size of the output PDF document. If everything is clear about the second parameter, the need to change the quality may be little understood by some users. However, the bottom line is that by reducing the clarity of the image on which the page is displayed by just ten percent, you can save quite a lot of space on the hard drive. This is especially important for those users who digitize books or even entire libraries.

The interface of the tool is intuitive. The workspace is divided into two main areas. The left one displays meta-information about the pages, while the right one shows the appearance of the scanned document.

The output of WinScan2PDF is usually a PDF file. However, the program supports saving documents as JPG or PNG images as well.
Benefits of WinScan2PDF

The free distribution of the product.
Support for the Russian and Ukrainian localization of the program.
The ability to choose the quality of scanning.
Support for exporting documents in PDF, JPG and PNG formats.
The presence of an intuitive interface.
Small weight of the utility.
No installation required.

Weaknesses of WinScan2PDF

Lack of floating panels and menu items.


The program works smoothly and without failures and can be useful to any user who owns a scanner and needs to convert documents into a digital format.
Changes in the latest version

Important update of language files in Win-Scan-2-PDF for Microsoft Windows
Improvement: various sorting of PDF in scanned documents

WinScan2PDF Download

Activator for Windows and Microsoft Office
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